If you decide to become a member, then know that playing the game is not against partners sitting at the poker table. This is a world-scale game, and only a small part of players will be able to break a really worthy jackpot. This is big money. But in order to get them, it is necessary to take away from those who play worse.

As for paid groups, which are now very much, I can say:

People act like they go to doctors, but they are not doctors at all.
Yes, we are accustomed to unconditionally believe the doctors, hoping that they know all the answers. However, Ray Dalio argues that the usual managers of investment funds will not help you win, because they have neither the necessary knowledge nor the means to participate in the big game:
– If they were capable of this, then you would not get to them on the threshold.
You must be extremely careful here, because there are a lot of fans who give advice, but they are not able to snatch anything from those who really own this game.
That is why it is worth learning to see the possibilities, to be prepared for risks! If you are not ready to play this game, leave it today!
But if you are ready, take the best tools, look at the best players in this field, minimize the risk and go ahead!

What do you say to these statistics short positions?
have your group leaders made at least half of this result?

Or they told you HOLD?

Remember, if you want to be the best, you need to imitate the best! need to work with the best

What can we give you? Full statistics of Short / Long positions in real time, which nobody will give you!
Statistics of position in real time, top traders on the market!


And a lot of other information with the help of which you yourself will learn how to manage your capital!

We do not give you signals! We give you more…



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