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Before we raised $ 50,000 and helped 1000 people, it's time to make more people happy!

Our goal is 1000 Ethereum min. -1%


"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how this is good."
John Doe

What is my philosophy of charity? Charity is the ability to hear the pain of others. Charity is the ability to share the pain of others. Charity is a systemic struggle with systemic problems. Charity is a focus on results. Charity is openness.

What does it mean to create a team that shares this philosophy? These people must have a heart in order to perceive the pain of others as their own. These people must have eyes, good eyesight to see systemic problems. These people must have a head, which means knowledge and experience, in order to solve these problems. These people should not create the appearance of work, but work in such a way that every person can feel our help. And our whole team should be open. Open to society, open to the media, open to new ideas, open to partnership.

Cris Roy.

Each year, more than four thousand children are born with a diagnosis of heart disease. A child with such an illness can develop normally and even play sports, but any physical activity or even an ordinary cold can lead to irreversible consequences. Heart disease is a daily risk to a child’s life, a life with permanent limitations.

Our values


to hear, understand and help. We are not indifferent to the troubles and pains of people. We see problems and consider it our task to contribute to their solution, trying to do more than is expected of us.


start with yourself, investing in the development of society. We are constantly developing personally and professionally in order to deeply understand the problems and find effective solutions that will make a significant contribution to the development of society.


focus on a reasonable result. Focusing on obtaining the maximum result, we do not forget about the responsible use of resources. We are able to see and eliminate both the consequences and the causes of problems. We work to bring the maximum benefit to society and get satisfaction from the achieved results.

The trust

practice openness, responsibility, respect. For us, an important atmosphere of trust and respect in the organization and in collaboration with all interested parties. We strive to be people with a high degree of personal responsibility. Our team is open - for each other, for society, for new ideas, for partnership.


to be professionals in their field. In our work we use a professional approach to solving problems, using the best experience gained in Ukraine and abroad.

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